What steps can improve valuation process?

Valuation process and Land assessment need improvement to get the best results in the best manner. If the response given by the clients is not proper it does mean that necessary changes are to be done in the methods of valuation which do provide improved result to the clients. Fowler said he still hopes to obtain Limestone’s approval and get the Legislature to approve the legislation in time for the June 1 primary or the June 29 runoff. But the legislative session ends May 17, and Fowler acknowledged that a public vote might have to wait until the November general election.

The developer has an April 1 deadline on his option to buy the 582-acre site at the southwest corner of the interchange, but Belew also noted that he has other choices besides simply letting the option expire and moving on. We have the capital to put into place whether or not we decide to purchase the ground before the legislation is in place. We think it’s a very attractive piece of property whether or not it’s our development or some other development down the road.

With the passage of time, property valurs perth and necessary changes should be done so that clients do get better results from the process of valuation. By doing a survey and the research in valuation process appropriate steps are to be taken through which improvement can be possible to achieve in the valuation process. We’ve been approached about doing other types of projects on that property besides what we’ve envisioned. Whether or not we want to make it a residential project or make it industrial or manufacturing has not been determined.

Obviously, we’re going to wait, and let the cards play out and review our options. Passenger traffic at Huntsville International Airport continues its pace to a record year. The airport served 81,450 passengers in February, which was 15.1 percent ahead of February 2003, according to Richard Tucker, airport executive director. The February figures followed a strong January, which was 5.2 percent higher than the previous year.

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