Things You Have In Common With property valuers


know get my contacts so that you can go ahead and get these records on a cheap and I’ll show you just a minute how you can go ahead and do that and again with the real quest to come the the reading a real quick the car just give you a certain number records you can download per month but I have a special arrangement.

for over say members where you’re able to get double that okay so now that’s about that’s how we find sellers how do we then do our marketing will we automate our marketing using direct-mail and instead I love in the old old school way love going out and printing postcards are going to Kinko’s and then you know just do all that crazy stuff we use click to mail click the mouse is too great a postcard online and send them out online.

all with a few clicks of the mouse pine so how do you skate email very very easily you take you less the less than I showed you how to get the less for the absentee owners the landlord in a buyer’s and yeah I told you to get those endless source a real question so you take those lest and you upload Valuations NSW them and to %uh click to bail you take the post card that I gave you and you duplicate those on click to mail probably take about an hour to duplicate the postcard just you know once you get the hang around hang up the system and had how to how to create.

the card very easy the great thing is is that where you go once and a you don’t have to hit do it again so once you create postcard to one-time thing you are the touch ever ever again and then you just hit the send button and Lilia let this eliminates the grunt work of printing and the flaking I licking stamps and all the other crazy stuff that I used to do before I now he gets done automatically.

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